Anchorage, Alaska urban farm teaches young employees life skill


Within a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Spenard, rows of vertical hydroponic towers are tended to by a handful of young adult employees.

By Travis Khachatoorian
Aug 4, 2017


Johndro said she hires youth between the ages of 16 and 24 in needs of life skills.

“This is not a forever job,” said Johndro. “This is part-time, short-term, like six-months to a year, with a goal of moving on to a better more permanent job within the community.”

Along with monitoring the health of the plants, maintaining the drip system and bringing the veggies to market, employees are taught how to develop into self-sustaining adults.

“We [learn about] tax returns, we learn about rental assistance, we learn about anything that the adolescence would need to learn before hitting adulthood,” said greenhouse farmer Marsana Davis.

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