Farmers sign up to run world’s first floating farm in Rotterdam


Andrew Cobner, junior vice president of the British Cattle Veterinary Association, told that cows might feel the effects of a sea voyage, according to a 2015 article on vehicle motion and animal welfare.

By Sean Boztas
Dutch News
Oct 5, 2017


The world’s first floating farm, to be built in Rotterdam, has recruited two dairy farmers and a herd. Albert Boersen and Myrthe Brabander will be the faces of an experimental Floating Farm and their Montbéliarde cows its moos.

The AD reports on Thursday that the grass is already growing for Dutch floating projects developer Beladon, which plans to build a 1,000 square meter floating platform on the harbour. The aim is to produce 800 litres of milk a day and, potentially, yogurt or Comté-style cheese.

Boersen told the AD: ‘People often don’t know where their food comes from, and I’d like to show them close up. But I also want to create awareness among farmers so that they know where their produce goes. My parents sell their milk through [dairy collective] FrieslandCampina so it’s an anonymous project. I think that’s a shame.’

Applying for the job after studying in Leeuwarden, he added he expected his cows to be very curious and sniff around the structure.

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