40 cows set to board Dutch ‘Floating Farm


Transport of the farm’s base from Zaandam to Rotterdam. Image source: Beladon

A total of 40 Meuse Rhine Issel or Rotbunt cows will board the Floating Farm

By Breifne O’Brien
Aug 1, 2018


An ongoing project has been causing quite a stir in the Dutch city of Rotterdam recently as the construction of a floating dairy farm is underway.

It is difficult to imagine but, in a port in Rotterdam, a fully-functioning floating dairy farm operation will soon set sail.

A spokesperson for the project explained to AgriLand that the idea for the aptly-titled ‘Floating Farm’ in the city arose from a number of factors combined.

These factors include: urbanisation; reducing arable land; rising populations; and to reconnect citizens with food production, because some children think “milk is growing in the supermarket”.

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