Adam and Maggie Pounds are the founders of Simple Abundance Farm, Kansas


A small scale urban vegetable farm growing on less than an acre. We cultivate organically grown produce specializing in a variety of baby greens.

By Ron Wilson
The Kansan
Apr 6, 2019


In winter 2014, they started growing microgreens in South Hutchinson. “Our whole farm consisted of a 4-by-8 sheet of plywood,” Adam said. Seeds were planted in compost on trays. Plants were harvested very young. “Microgreens are tender, nutty and tasty,” Adam said. They now have a high tunnel for additional vegetable production.

They produce sunflowers, peas, radishes, arugula, spinach, salad greens, kale and more. “We use natural and sustainable methods to produce high yields on a minimal amount of land while protecting the environment,” Adam said.

Back when they were still interns but wanting to start a farm of their own, Maggie and Adam were on a farm tour in the northwest. While in one grower’s home, they saw a cross-stitch design on the wall that said “Simply Abundant.” The term clicked for both of them. When they got back to Kansas, they named their place Simple Abundance Farm.

The “farm” is a specialty crop operation on less than an acre in the city of South Hutchinson. “We are urban, so we’re very convenient for our consumers,” Adam said. “The city has been really great to work with us.”

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Their farm.

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