Albany woman plants seed of hope in community garden


Rebekah Riddle, an Albany minister who is looking to start a community park in memorial of her father. (Source: WALB)

With a goal to reduce violence and create food and camaraderie for the city

By Asia Wilson
February 6, 2019


An Albany woman is looking to open a community park with the hope of keeping people out of trouble and help families in need with free food.

Pastor Rebekah Riddle said that with the community’s help, the park could become an important staple for many in the community.

Riddle is seeking help from the community with donations of more vegetables, top and pot soil and raised bed materials to go into the new park.

Over 800 plants are ready to be planted as the local pastor tries to get the garden together as a way to beautify Albany after Hurricane Michael. She also plans for the garden to be a way to give back and provide food and a place for kids to go to stay safe and off the streets.

For years, Riddle’s father, J.B. Whitehead Jr., provided food and clothes to many families in Albany. A tradition and memory Riddle is trying to keep alive.

“He would help make sure they had food, help make sure the kids in the neighborhood had food, clothes and supplies,” said Riddle. “He did that and actually in our backyard, we had a garden.”
Their garden was where many sought refuge. Her desire to still plant seeds in her community is her biggest wish.

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