At 88 Mrs. Brown still tending to her East Side community garden in Wilmington, Delaware


Wilmington resident Hazel Brown stands in the Hattie Phelan garden next to her East Side home.
Megan Pauly / Delaware Public Media

“She’s one of those people who stands out as such an example of a catalyst within her community and such an example of what one person can do: the impact one person over time can have in her community.”

By Megan Pauly
Delaware Public Media
Nov 4, 2016
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Theb 88-year-old Brown is a petite African American woman. But her spirit is larger than life.

And at the corner of her East Side neighborhood right next to her home is an urban oasis that matches that spunk. It’s called the Hattie Phelan Community Dream Garden.

Mrs. Brown pointed out historic East Side African American figures on a mural in the garden painted by Wilmington artist Roldan West.

“This is Mr. Burton, he integrated our restaurants when we had segregation,” Brown said. “The person to his right was our first black police lady.”

And the garden itself is named after Wilmington’s first African American councilwoman Hattie Phelan.

The colors of the mural are bold and vibrant – matching the flowers and greenery in the garden.

But it wasn’t always that vibrant.

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