Australia: Urban Farm Creates Much-Needed Retail ‘Customer Experience


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Developer to build world’s most sustainable shopping centre – equipped with a 2000sq m rooftop urban farm

The Urban Developer
Mar 2018


He identifies one of the biggest problems we face as a society is the lack of nutrition in food which the Burwood Brickworks project stands to address.

“Today our food no longer nourishes us and it’s simply because we have exhausted our soils or another way to think about it is that we’ve mined the world’s top soils.

“We have been able to hide this because of the invention of synthetic fertiliser. This has given us higher yields in terms of kilos but at a massive compromise in nutrition.

“I believe the only solution to this problem is to reintegrate the ‘waste’ we generate and use it to grow food.

“I also think the most efficient and economical way to do this is to do it where we generate the waste and that’s where we live.” Bakker said.

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