Bangladesh: Rooftop gardens have huge potential as food source


MA Sobhan.

This is a country of six seasons and varied crops can be grown in each season,’ Sobhan says.

By Sadiqur Rahman
New Age Bangladesh
Nov 23, 2018


He says, ‘I think, children of the urban families having rooftop gardens will be benefited in a different way. Besides taking vegetables and fruits, they can learn about the plants. They also have the opportunity to breathe very fresh air while playing near the plants’.

Sobhan has planted coconut, palm and banana trees on his rooftop. Although he knows that the trees in containers will be less productive, he planted them for his grandchildren so that they can learn about trees.

Sobhan says the green roof reduces temperature during summer and keeps the building warm in winter. It purifies the ambient by absorbing carbon dioxide as well as particulate matters and controls spread of diseases.

He thinks that the government should provide necessary policy directions with amendment of the national building policy to promote rooftop gardening in the city area.

He says that enthusiast people in Dhaka can collect samplings of vegetable and fruits from Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation outlets at Manik Mia Avenue, Gabtali, Siddique Bazar of Old Dhaka or other government-facilitated nurseries.

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