Canada: A Charlottetown community garden is growing


“The first year we had 85 allotments, the second year we increased that to 100, then we expanded to 150.”

By Tony Davis
May 8, 2019


The Legacy Garden, located behind the P.E.I. Farm Centre in Charlottetown, is adding 50 plots to its offerings.

“We held it to 150 allotments for the last few years being afraid we would lose people and not be able to keep up with that number,” said Phil Ferraro, general manager of the P.E.I. Farm Centre.

“The waiting list continues to grow so we’re expanding it with another 50 plots.”

Ferraro said he hopes that is enough to accommodate anyone who wants to join the community garden.

“It’s a real great community garden, we designed it so there is a commons area.”

We do require they garden organically, because we are in the city. We do require that they maintain a neat and orderly appearance.— Phil Ferraro, P.E.I. Farm Centre
Ferraro said there is a picnic table for people to enjoy as well as a fire pit and other amenities.

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