Canada: Chickens run afoul in Montreal as urban farming takes off


People don’t often realize how much care chickens require, says a spokesperson for the SPCA

By Isaac Olson
CBC News
May 06, 2019


The number of chickens flying the coop, getting dropped off at shelters or being set loose in Montreal has doubled in the last two years — ruffling the feathers of a local animal rights group that says the urban farming trend is to blame.

“We understand that wanting to raise urban chickens often comes from good intentions in the sense that people are becoming increasingly concerned about factory farming,” Anita Kapuscinska, spokesperson for the Montreal SPCA, told Daybreak.

“People don’t realize the amount of care chickens require.”

Because of this, chickens often end up abandoned — left with animal shelters or to fend for themselves on the streets of Montreal, Kapuscinska said.

In some cases, she said, the bird may be an “escape artist” that slipped free. Either way, the chickens are not being reclaimed.

People often don’t realize chickens are “extremely sensitive, intelligent animals who require very specialized and costly care, which is not always easy to provide in the city,” Kapuscinska said.

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