Canada: Community group plans urban farm school in Fredericton, New Brunswick


A farming school in Fredericton’s north side. (N.B. Community Harvest Gardens)

The location makes it convenient for people living in the city to walk, bike or take a bus to school and learn how to farm.

By Terrence McEachern
CBC News
Apr 09, 2017


Edee Klee wants to bring farming back as a viable career option in the New Brunswick.

A passionate gardener, Klee is part of a group that is planning to set up a teaching farm — but not one in the middle of the country. Rather, this farm school would occupy eight acres of land in Fredericton

“We want to make sure these students have a very good comprehensive understanding of the business and marketing that needs to go along with farm skills,” she said.

The focus is to teach regenerative organic agriculture practices, which allows farmers to make a living on less than five acres of land. The course will involve work in the field and in the classroom as well as visits to different types of successful farms in the province.

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