Canada: Hopes grow for urban farming as Calgary readies pilot project on vacant land


An unused and unoccupied piece of land located at 1920 Highfield Crescent S.E. is shown in Calgary.

“I hope in five to 10 years we’ll have 30 to 40 urban farms employing hundreds of people,” said Hughes, adding the city has a huge amount of unused land for such activity.

By Bill Kaufmann
Calgary Herald
Oct 22, 2017


The city’s launch of an agriculture pilot project on plots of unused land is long overdue but could plant the seeds for a local food revolution, says a well-known Calgary urban farmer.

Operators who’ll farm two plots of land on a two-year lease — one in the northeast and the other in the southeast — are being sought by the city, with a tour of the sites scheduled for Oct. 27.

It’s something Grow Calgary founder Paul Hughes has been advocating for years.

“We proposed that Highfield site in 2009 — it never happens as quickly as we’d want and I wish there was more consultation, but it’s happening,” said Hughes, referring to the three-hectare plot on Highfield Crescent S.E.

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