Canada: Kale Grown in Indoor Farm


Modular Farms president Aaron Spiro grows 68 kilograms of kale a week inside his mobile farm with infra red lights. (Vince Talotta / Toronto Star)

Modular Farms vertical hydroponics system will soon produce up to 68 kilograms of kale a week.

By Ainslie Cruickshank
Toronto Star
Nov. 6, 2017


“They can start guaranteeing their customers that any kale on the menu was not only grown locally but was literally harvested less than half an hour before people are eating it, which is pretty amazing,” said Aaron Spiro, the president of Modular Farms.

Over the last four years the Brampton-based company has developed an indoor farming system housed in 40-foot containers made of insulated composite steel panels that they say can grow food in any climate.

They aren’t cheap though. It would cost close to $150,000 to purchase the “primary module” like the one at The Food Dudes. But rather than owning and operating its own module, the catering company has an agreement with Modular Farms to purchase 100 per cent of the module’s produce.

While Modular Farms’ units that have been purchased can now be found in a handful of locations across North America, including Calgary and Sudbury, this is the first in Toronto — but Spiro said it won’t be the last. He’s hoping to see more Modular Farms pop up throughout the city, either purchased outright or through similar partnerships like the one with the Food Dudes.

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