Canada: Nude Squamish, BC, Farmer Calendar


Proceeds from this Calendar will go towards our goal of establishing a Community Farm in Squamish that will act as an educational space for our youth as well as support emerging and existing farmers.

Michalina Hunter
Squamish, Canada
Indiegogo 2018

Excerpt from fundraising site:

Through a few years of working with farmers and community stakeholders in the food system, we learned that in Squamish, like many areas in Southwest BC, farmers experience barriers to producing food. Some of these barriers include: access to land, land affordability, knowledge gaps, etc. Food policy council staff and volunteers spent some time visiting and learning how community organizations are creatively addressing these complex barriers in the lower mainland. Community Farms are a great way to affect systemic change in the food system.

We’ve learned first hand the positive impacts that gardening can have people through our Mamquam Edible Schoolyard and community gardens. Through the community farm, we plan to involve youth aged 13-18 in Squamish. The community farm will offer no-cost activity options, employment, and create opportunities for different generations to spend time together.

The community farm will have two main components. The CAN Farm aspect will be a market garden, where we will involve youth in the learning, growing, and selling produce to the community. In addition to the CAN Farm that we operate, we will lease several “incubator plots” that new farmers can lease for 1-4 years. This will help new farmers access land, without the significant financial investment and risk of buying their own property. There will be opportunities for these new farmers to share resources with the CAN Farm for tools, processing, storage, and sales. We will also facilitate a mentorship program to connect the new farmers to older farmers to address the gap in farming knowledge many new farmers have. The community farm will be open to the public to learn about sustainable agriculture practices, food preservation, celebrations, etc.

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