Canada: Urban chickens (banned in Ottawa) are flocking to Gatineau


Carmen and Matthew Chase show off their three chickens their family has in the backyard of their Gatineau home Sunday March 4, 2018. Two-year-old Errol, five-year-old Ewan and seven-year-old Edmund pose with their dad as Carmen gets the third chicken who just wasn’t ready for a photo shoot. Ashley Fraser / Postmedia

City proposes to expand its small experiment in urban farming to allow coops for 200 homes.

By Tom Spears
Ottawa Citizen
Mar 5, 2018


Building the coop “took an enormous amount of time,” Carmen said. It’s insulated, though not heated, and the Chases picked a large design.

“Finding a coop and finding the time to build it is going to be your largest input of time,” she said.

They buy feed from a commercial chicken farm, which is also where the chickens came from. Luckily, they haven’t had trouble with predators breaking into the coop, though squirrels were sneaking in to steal food for a while. The engineer fixed that.

“We try to be as sustainable as possible and for me that means not necessarily doing everything yourself but at least knowing where things that you consume come from,” Matthew said. “I can look out my window and see where the eggs come from.

“There is a definite difference in taste between free-range eggs and factory farm eggs.

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