Canada: When gardeners get growing in shared gardens


Sam prepares to spread compost over the prepared, 1,000-sq,-ft. allotment garden , very early Spring. Uploaded external by: Hensley, Brenda (

In Guelph, the Ignatius Jesuit Centre provides a 600-acre site on a former Jesuit cllege property. It offers garden plots among walking trails, an organic farm and Jesuit retreat, among other things.

By Mark Cullen, Ben Cullen
The Star
Nov. 2, 2018


The fee of $160 — for the year — was a pretty good price for a vacation property.

Just minutes from Ben’s downtown-Guelph apartment was 1,000 square feet of fertile soil with direct access to water. Well, irrigation access, that is. Pitching his fiancé Sam on an allotment garden was a surprisingly easy sell. Their first allotment garden experience.

This is a story about frustrated gardeners. If you are a gardener without a garden, it could be about you.

Ben and Sam took possession of the oversized allotment on the rainy long weekend this past May. They and the other “allotmenteers” waddled down a slope to their gardens in rubber boots and rain jackets with buckets, seeds, seedlings, shovels and plot maps in tow. It was a lot to carry and the plot map, a carefully drawn vision from their February fantasies, was ruined by the rain before they even reached their destination halfway down the field. A numbered marker identified their slice of the vast, sloppy mud pie of potential.

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