Garden Train Takes Root: The First Annual Brooklyn School Gardens Crawl


Neva Orlav, Landon Clark, and Ramses Clark at PS 32 during the Brooklyn School Gardens Crawl (Photo: Maria Robins-Somerville)

On Saturday, schools across Brooklyn’s District 15 opened up their gardens to the public for a celebration of experiential learning, food justice and creativity for the first annual Brooklyn School Gardens Crawl.

By Maria Robins-Somerville
October 1, 2018


“Our school gardens can be a living thriving link to our communities,” Price told BKLYNER.

“They’re inherently hopeful and they’re places where we show kindness and hope for the earth,” she added.

At the kickoff, Bronx food justice activist Karen Washington delivered the keynote address.

“They’re being marketed with processed food and junk food. This is where school gardens come into play, where we put the power in the hands of our kids that can get down and dirty, that can get into the earth, that could plant the seed and know from that seed something spectacular is gonna come about it. And that that seed is bringing something that is nurturing, nurturing and encouraging, something that we have lost,” Washington said.

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