Happy New Year from City Farmer


City Farmer Beer – 2018 Vintage

Once again City Farmer has made its own garden beer from hops grown by Maria Keating at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden. Only 100 bottles are produced from a variety of hop cultivars. The plants are trained along high trellises and then pulled down when ripe in September.

In the office, the buds are laboriously plucked from the vines and dried. After this, they are taken to a local brewery which produces the brew. Our team then goes in to bottle and cap it. Finally a design for the label is created on the computer. That process is followed by printing and sticking the labels onto each bottle.

We have two ‘hoppy’ beer flavours this year. One label shows ping pong paddles, signifying we have a pop-up table in front of our gate for visitors to use; and the other shows masses of hops hanging up to dry in the office. They looked like a monster to Maria so she named the beer ‘ Hopzilla’.

Link to Vancouver’s Compost Garden.

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