Horizon 2020 and Urban Agriculture


The Association for Urban Farming is a non-profit organization based out of Tel Aviv, Israel that promotes urban agricultural infrastructure in cities around the world

By Hadas Kushelevich
The Association for Urban Farming
Feb. 2018

Nowadays we are looking for urban farming center developers to join our proposal to H2020 calls.

The concept for the urban farming center first emerged as a way of culminating the best practices and knowledge gained from 26 projects, which the Urban Farming Corporation operated around Tel Aviv-Jaffa (TLV), into one systemic Urban Farming Center (UFC). The UFC promotes community development, education, policy promotion, access to local produce, research and development, raising awareness of the public, and extension-outreach in the technical, nutritional, environmental and socio-economic aspects of urban farming.

The central goal is to create Urban Farming Centers for sustainable urban agriculture in EU members countries, based on the concept of a systemic urban farming center. Based on The Urban Farming Corporation’s UFC model, the UFCs is managing by local organizations and have a number of co-operatives with stakeholders, research institution and civil societies.

The concept for the UFC was tested in 2017 when the association piloted a center in one of the busiest areas in Israel: Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. The Rothschild center was developed in conjunction with the TLV municipality and was remarkably successful in terms of public awareness. More than 250,000 residents were actively engaged through the urban farming center, and the project was in operation for 6 months, double the expected time, as the Tel-Aviv Jaffa municipality advocated for it to extend its timeline of operation.

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Horizon 2020.

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