Hundreds of volunteers pick persimmons for food banks in Vacaville, California


Colin McGlibery of Pleasant Hill harvests persimmons at Charlotte’s Orchard in Vacaville. (Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic)

Volunteers will harvest more than 50,000 pounds of fruit for donation between this Saturday and next. All fruit will be distributed among food banks, local food pantries, shelters and community dining halls.

By Susan Hiland
Daily Republic
Oct 22, 2017


Charlotte Sturgeon lost her husband in 2006. He had big plans for the persimmon trees he planted but without him no one in the family knew his plans. That year, the round, orange fruit rotted and Sturgeon couldn’t stand to see that happen.

“We didn’t know what to do,” daughter-in-law Laurie Sturgeon said.

Her mother-in-law got in touch with The Urban Farmers, a nonprofit organization in Lafayette that harvests excess backyard fruit to donate to those in need.

“If anyone needs organizers, they should call them. They do everything,” Laurie Sturgeon said. “The best part is, it feels good knowing the fruit will go to help those in need.”

More than 140 volunteers came this year from all over California.

Annette Sayers drove from Livermore to help harvest the fruit for the third year in a row.

“This is one of the biggest harvests of the year,” Sayers said. “The energy and people are just great.”

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