I’m not sure connected planters will ever succeed


See the video show here.

Now, a company called Grow has announced its first product, the Grow Duo.

By Ashley Carman
The Werge
Apr 7, 2018


It’s a large planter for outdoor use that comes with a companion iOS / Android app, a moisture sensor for the soil, temperature sensors for both the soil and outside air, and a light sensor for the sun. It hooks up to a user’s hose, so there’s no need to water the plants; its automated sprinklers take care of it.

You can use your own seeds, although the company also sells “seed sheets” that eventually disintegrate. I walked Paul and Nilay through a whole demo on Circuit Breaker Live this week, so watch above to learn more. I love the idea of the Grow Duo; I just hope it can succeed in a business that hasn’t been previously successful.

See the video show here.

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