India: Indore Man Sets Green Example, Grows His Own Food In His Terrace Garden


A glimpse of the terrace garden.

In five years, the retired engineer, now 70, has managed to set up a beautiful terrace garden where he grows most vegetables, fruits and leafy greens.

By Jovita Aranha
Better India
February 1, 2019


From chiku, strawberry, papaya, guava, pomegranate and figs to vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, basil, celery, parsley, chives, brinjal, radish and carrot, he grows them all in a 1,200 sq ft space without using any chemical pesticides or fertilisers!

He speaks to The Better India about what drove him to rooftop gardening.

“Most fruits and vegetables available in the market are genetically modified. In the greed of increasing yield and cloning these vegetables and fruits, we seem to have forgotten how damaging to human health the toxins in these crops can be. I read F William Engdahl’s book, Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, which speaks about the destructive power of these genetically modified seeds and also came across research that linked genetically-modified crops to the rising cases of cancer. This pushed me to start growing my own food,” says Arun.

He stresses the need for heirloom or indigenous seeds. While some of the seeds were collected from the USA, he adds how he also acquired many preserved native seeds from Navdanya, the farm of Indian scholar and environmental activist, Vandana Shiva, in Dehradun.

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