India: Mysuru Man With Lung Ailment Grows 20+ Veggies in Award-Winning Garden!


Prof Rudraradhya

It may seem strange to you and me, but the mere activity of sowing seeds and tending plants on his rooftop spelt hope for the former professor.

By Jovta Aranha
The Better India
Apr 11, 2019


He meticulously planned how he could best utilise the limited space on the terrace to cater to the requirements of his home.

Hemlata, his wife, also pitched in and the couple spent hours looking after their growing terrace garden and adding new members to the green army.

Today, in a 60x40ft space, the man grows over 20 varieties of vegetables and 10-15 varieties leafy greens!

Some of these varieties include cabbage, cauliflower, knol-khol, coloured capsicum, brinjal, tomatoes, beans, radishes, carrots, drumsticks, curry leaves, methi, spinach, coriander, etc.

“We harvest close to 8-10 varieties of vegetables from our terrace every day. In the last three years, we haven’t bought a single vegetable from the market for our personal consumption. I have harvested 250 kgs of tomatoes and 100 kg of chillies on my terrace till date,” beams Rudraradhya.

Some of the fruits he has grown on his terrace include strawberries, dragon fruit, fig, mango, papaya, passion fruit, grapes, etc.

Apart from harvesting ten meters of flowers every day from the flowering varieties, he also grows medicinal plants like wild coriander, brahmi and bilwa (bael).

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