India: Two Ranchi women turn rooftops into organic farm


Fifty-year-old Shobha Kumari doesn’t need to visit the market to buy vegetables anymore. All she does is climb up to her terrace and pick some.

Krishna’s rooftop garden spreads across 5,000sqft, which she had reared with equal love and dedication for the past eight years.

Times of India
Mar 11, 2017


“A few days ago, I had grown 2.5kg beans. This apart, my terrace has tomatoes, chillies, brinjals, coriander leaves and other vegetables. I also grow oranges, guavas, litchis, pomegranates and strawberries, besides roses and marigold. I have altogether 250 pots,” said a very proud Shobha, whose rooftop garden sprawls across 2,500sqft.

The widow with a green thumb consciously chose to grow her own veggies in 2012 after realising that vegetables available in the market were not only expensive but also harmful because of use of pesticides.

“We cannot ignore the health hazards just like this. Nothing can beat the feeling of seeing my family members relishing my labour of love when they eat dishes prepared with the vegetables I have grown. It’s really amazing to nurture these plants. In return, I get satisfaction,” Shobha said.

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