Indonesia: Hydroponics Farming At Home


Indonesian hydroponics trainer Jackie Ambadar with students of Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Centre last Saturday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

“The whole idea is to get them to be self-sustaining and perhaps earn a bit of income on the side,” Ms Khan said.

By Manasa Kalouniviti
Fiji Times
March 06, 2018


“I started in hydroponics five years ago in Indonesia when I learned that this was a very healthy way of planting vegetables because no pesticides are used.

“We started designing urban farming programs in Indonesia and now I’m very happy that a lot of people back home, who live in big houses, are doing their own farming at home because health is our number one concern right now,” she said.

Ms Ambadar said they started by teaching the students at the centre to use old and recycled materials such as empty plastic bottles, buckets and discarded plastic pipes in developing their hydroponics farms.

Meanwhile, centre manager Shazna Khan said Ms Ambadar was a specialised trainer in hydroponics and operated her own hydroponics farm in Indonesia.

“The course is all about environment friendly farming in water rather than soil,” Ms Khan said.

“And everything that we use is either recycled or reused and all the nutrients are available locally. At the end of the eight-week course the students received a certificate and a cash prize to help them buy their equipment to start their own businesses.

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