Kentucky: New program will help teach recovering addicts job skills at Berea Urban Farm


‘These women are our sisters, our mothers, and our daughters. So when we invest in them, we’re investing in our community. If we don’t do it, who’s going to? Who’s going to?’

Richmond Register
Mar 4, 2018


Participants will care for nine raised beds that contain a variety of plants, course designer Heather Richardson said. They also will create educational signage, conduct tours of the farm, all the while learning topics including soil restoration, planting, harvesting and cooking. At the culmination of the 14-week course, the women will prepare a meal for a small group when they receive their certificates of completion.

For those who come to Liberty Place or other recovery facilities, one of the biggest obstacles to staying sober is finding a job. Unfortunately, with a felony record and little to no job skills, finding a job is an uphill battle for recovering addicts because few employers are willing to give them a chance.

But Harvesting Hope looks to change that. The program will help those in it gain skills necessary to find a job and hopefully stay sober.

“If they can get a job, they have a much better chance of staying sober, because if they can pay their bills, that’s one less stress,’ Holder said.

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