Lazy-Ass Gardening


Maximize Your Soil, Minimize Your Toil

By Robert Kourik
Metamorphic Press
March 2019

In this lively and inspiring book, veteran horticulturalist Robert Kourik (aka “Bob”) unfolds his manifesto of “Inspired Laziness”—using efficiency and forethought to create gardens and landscapes with a lot less work and a lot more enjoyment.

By following Kourik’s relaxed and readable guidance, both beginning and accomplished gardeners will discover how to save time and money, enrich their soil, increase their yields, and reduce their effort, all while absorbing “Bob’s” philosophy of kicking back and growing more good times.

Drawing on over four decades of immersing himself in horticultural work (and writing about it), Robert shares his hard-won secrets for the easiest planning, planting, cultivating, landscaping, irrigating, de-pestifying, and finding enjoyment in settings ranging from window-box herbs to showy ornamental plantings to the now-classic “edible landscape.”

In Lazy-Ass Gardening, you’ll learn how to:

Ease into gardening, if you’re a newbie.
Figure out which edibles to raise, with a careful selection of the most care-free varieties and tips for easy growing.
Lay out your garden to balance effective growing area with space for enjoyment, relaxation, and play.
Cultivate creatively to grow your own nutrients and build healthy self-sustaining (no-till) soil for the future.
Attract the best pollinating insects and deter hungry pests.
Plan your “hardscape” (paths, patios, arbors, etc.), for an easy-care (and more fun) aspect of your yard or garden.
Choose the right plants for your landscape, climate, soil, and water supply, not to mention your aesthetic and nutritional needs.
Learn how to develop a personal garden that manifests your own eccentricities.
Grow more, stress less.


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