Local garden becomes family business venture in Houston, Texas


Amy Williams (bottom left) with husband and children standing by their backyard garden.

With a garden to upkeep, and business to run, Williams also homeschools. She says it’s never easy to find the perfect balance, especially with five kids, but gardening and the creation of Underhill has provided amazing learning opportunities for the kids.

By Zarah Parker
Leader News
Mar 8, 2018


From backyard garden in our local community to a small business, Amy Williams is keeping the gardening tradition alive in the family with Underhill Urban Farm Co, a non-GMO, organically grown farm and garden that uses heirloom seeds, that are all locally grown.

Her father, an organic farmer, taught her the ins and outs of farming, while her mother taught her how to can different items, like pickles, jams, and jellies. Growing up with fruits and veggies in the backyard and on the table was something Williams was used to. So, it was natural that she’d have a garden of her own and use it to teach her children as well.

“We kind of grew up like that. It was a natural thing for me to do it, and for the kids to be a part of it,” said Williams.

Around a year and a half ago the thought of using the garden as a business sprung up, then everything fell into place and the business was born. Underhill Urban Farm Co is first and foremost a family thing. Williams grows in her local garden but uses her father’s garden as well. Williams is also always accompanied in the kitchen by family who help develop new recipes, as with the grapefruit Jalapenos jelly that sold out first during their last farmers market appearance.

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