Malaysia: Urban farming could be the answer to the ever increasing cost of living


Urban Farm Tech Sdn Bhd founder Francis Chuah (picture) said almost every space — be it a balcony, front yard or backyard — is a potential plot for urban farming.

By Shazni Ong / Pic By Ismail Che Rus
The Malaysian Reserve
Apr 8, 2019


“According to our record, one could generate a revenue of about RM600 per month from growing vegetables for a space of about 30ft x 8ft,” Chuah said.

Three years ago, the former project manager for water treatment engineering projects looked at the organic farming concept seriously by putting some research and development works before setting up a farm at a house in Bandar Saujana Putra, Selangor.

With just a capital of about RM100,000, his intention was clear — to get urban communities closer to nature by growing food in their own areas.

“This urban farm is about 2,000 sq ft, and it combines different types of aquaponics systems and concepts.

“Why the variety? That is because we want to show people that you can use different vacant places to grow your food through the aquaponics system.

“Through the system, we manage about 1,800 pots of vegetables,” he said.

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