Malaysian paraplegic farmer realises his dream of an aquaponic farm


Dr Tang briefing children about how food is grown at the farm.

The farm currently produces 10,000 plants in a 557sq m green house each month. It has the ability to harvest 189 plants per square metre. It also breeds 250 Australian Jade Perch.

By Majorie Chiew
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Apr 9, 2019


He said: “The goal is to supply organic and pesticide-free fresh food directly to nearby communities within a 10km radius.” Tan believes the farm can drive the local economy that is environmentally sustainable.

Lee, too, is hopeful that “the direct supply of fresh greens to nearby communities will stimulate the local economy and reduce the importation of vegetables”.

Lee ventured into aquaculture over 15 years ago. His company was the first to import, breed and introduce the Australian Jade Perch to the Malaysian market. He is involved in a hybrid grouper nursery and also an all-male udang galah (Malaysian fresh giant prawns) hatchery and grow-out operations (breeding from fries to adult size).

A co-founder of (an e-commerce marketplace platform), Lee is involved in farm development, operations, marketing and sales.

Kok is involved in the distribution of commercial kitchen equipment for the food service industry for South-East Asia. His company Ultimate Circle is the Asia wholesaler for many international brands, such as Fagor.

Well-connected to many hotels and restaurants in the region, Kok hopes to be able to introduce Aqua Hope’s pesticide- and herbicide-­free food to the hotel industry.

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