Mirvac To Host Australia’s First Indigenous Rooftop Garden In Redfern


Clarence Slockee, left, Christian Hampson and Mirvac developer William Walker, centre, on the roof where the garden will be built. Photo: Peter Rae.

Australia is to have its first indigenous rooftop farm – and it’s to be at one of the first sites in the nation where Aboriginal workers were given equality in the workplace.

By Sue Williams
Commercial Real Estate
Nov 24, 2018


“This is now a great opportunity to make a real contribution. The guys want to educate people about Indigenous horticulture and garden design and, by also managing the 4.6 hectares of public domain we have at the site, they’ll be able to train and employ local Indigenous people too.”

The rooftop farm, with about 1500 plants being cultivated, is being designed as a showcase of Aboriginal permaculture methods and Indigenous knowledge of the natural world, with regular workshops, classes and talks for all-comers. Mr Stockee and Mr Hampson, who run their own company Yerrabingin – a word that translates as ‘We walk together’ – both have a huge amount of experience in heritage and culture.

Mr Stockee is a Mindjingbal-Bundjalug man who has worked for many years as the education co-ordinator in Aboriginal programs with Sydney Botanical Gardens, and more recently managing cultural tourism at the Barangaroo Parklands.

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