Officials unveil plans for Bergen Beach community farm in Brooklyn


Urban farm: Grain Collective’s new renderings for the Bergen Beach Farm at Avenue N between E. 71st and E. 72nd streets, show plans for raised beds with edible plants sloping down to the patch of artificial grass on the left and flower beds on the right, with orchards in the background.

Officials recently revealed designs for the community farm they want to plant on a two-acre, overgrown plot next door to a Bergen Beach school.

By Kevin Duggan
Brooklyn Daily
Nov 26, 2018


Following the start of construction, workers will remove topsoil from the site and cap the land with a synthetic lining, before laying a new layer of clean dirt in areas where edible plants will grow, which will help prevent some toxic materials common in city soil from seeping into the growing spaces, Chhaya said.

The farm’s flower beds will be planted at ground level, but its orchards — which will grow on the Avenue N and E. 71st Street sides of the park — beds for edible greens, and greenhouse will be raised off the ground by a little more than two feet, according to the plans.

And although most activity on the farm will take place in the warmer months, the greenhouse will allow plants to grow there year-round, Chhaya said.

Maisel hopes to eventually open the growing patch to all local residents in addition to area students, and suggested its produce could be donated to do-good groups, or used to prepare healthy lunches at local schools.

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