Online donors cover $3000 fine of Toledo ‘urban farmer’


Urban farmer Thomas Jackson holds a handful of tilled soil from his four lots at in the 1500 Milburn Ave. in Toledo.

Judge McConnell said Mr. Jackson was not in compliance and that he was concerned about upset neighbors.

By Ignazio Messina
Toledo Blade
May 5, 2017


“I have been watching the case and I was worried when someone is trying to do something good in their lives and something that really could be productive for these vacant lands … and that it would be discouraging if people saw how he was being fined,” Ms. Lopez said. “We need more dreamers and more people willing to take a chance on the city and I felt really terrible when I saw he had been fined $3,000 and I thought that had gone too far.”

Another GoFundMe page pushed by Sean Nestor, co-chairman of the Lucas County Green Party, had generated nearly $2,400 for Mr. Jackson at the same time.

“This was an extremely subjective decision,” Mr. Nestor said. “The Toledo Municipal Code is extremely broad by design … and the allegations of rodents and odor are absolutely unsubstantiated.”

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