Pennsylvania Man Quits Day Job, Starts Urban Farm


Yale Wolfe grows microgreens, such as red amaranth, in his urban farm in Nanticoke. He sells them to local chefs. Courtesy Of Wolfepack Urban Farm.

Wolfe has seen a demand for microgreens and in the future, he plans to expand by growing more in his garage and adding a greenhouse in his yard.

By Desnise Allabaugh
The Citizen’s Voice
March 3, 2019


After battling melanoma, Yale Wolfe wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle and grow some of his own food.

Wolfe, 41, grows unconventional things like broccoli and green pea shoots, red amaranth, popcorn shoots and purple rambo radish sprouts in his Nanticoke home. He said these “microgreens” are packed with nutrients and have many nutritional benefits.

Microgreens are the seedlings of vegetables and herbs harvested after sprouting as shoots. They have more nutrients than full-grown vegetables and Wolfe said he could just harvest them and eat them.

Most take seven to eight days to grow. The best way to eat microgreens is raw like a salad, he said.

“It’s really considered a superfood,” he said. “Eating a small amount of this is like eating a big bushel of broccoli as far as the nutrients.”

Wolfe likes gardening and he said he started growing microgreens in his quest for better health after battling melanoma and undergoing three surgeries.

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