Petition to Bring Back South Central Farm


Click on image for larger file. 4051 Alameda Street, LA.

Once the largest urban farm in the United States, spanning 14 acres and feeding 350 families in the midst of an industrial and commercial landscape, the South Central Farm was an oasis flourishing from 1992 – 2006.

Petition Excerpt:

Our Mission:
Farmers and supporters have formed the South Central Farm Restoration Committee with the intention to #BuyBackTheFarm. Our goal is to secure the farm and protect one of the last and largest remaining undeveloped parcels of land in LA County. With a land trust in place the farm would be a permanent jewel for the city of LA’s sustainability and green endeavors.

Efforts Underway to Revive Nation's Largest Urban Farm from Rising Up With Sonali on Vimeo.

Current Landowner:
Today the land is owned by the PIMA Alameda Partners, LLC, a clothing conglomerate (Poetry, Impact Mfg., Miss Me, Active Basic USA) – with plans to develop the parcel into a retail manufacturing and warehouse facility. With literally hundreds of comparable sites in the LA metro area to choose from, selling the parcel back to the South Central Community will allow for PIMA to be part of the solution for a greener Los Angeles.
The South Central Farm is securing pledges with partners who are ready to step up with funding if PIMA becomes a willing seller.

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