Scotland: National body pitches in to Dundee allotments row


Don Elder.

A national allotments body has stepped into the row between a long-term tenant and a committee accused of trying to force him out.

By Jon Brady
Evening Telegram
April 6, 2019


Infighting among members of the allotments reached boiling point during a committee meeting on Sunday, it has been claimed.

Outraged tenants who attempted to raise questions about Mr Elder were quickly shot down, according to several people present. Gardeners unsuccessfully attempted to ballot for a vote of no confidence in the committee.

Those who spoke to the Tele declined to be named, over fears that they may be singled out next.

One said: “Any questions asked about Don were being shot down. The committee couldn’t care.

“They essentially said: ‘It’s our allotments, it’s our rules, and our constitution.’ People are absolutely shocked.

“Don’s been here for years and was always the first here on windy days to bolt things down.

“He could be abrupt but he’s not a bad person – you couldn’t get anyone to help you more.

“But he asks awkward questions until he gets an answer and that’s the kind of person the committee is trying to put off.”

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