Singapore: More urban farms, rooftop gardens in Singapore with enhanced greenery scheme


Click image to see larger file. Urban farms, like this one at Raffles City, help to optimise under-utilised roof spaces. (Photo: Edible Garden City)

The Landscaping for Urban Spaces and High-Rises (LUSH) programme, which aims to replace greenery lost during a building’s development or redevelopment, will be enhanced to improve both the quality and quantity of urban greenery, said Second Minister for National Development Desmond Lee

By Wendy Wong
Channel News Asia
Nov 9, 2017


This includes encouraging property developers to house urban gardens and communal rooftop gardens in their buildings, and increase landscaping on walls and roofs – which can also help lower ambient temperature.

“Such features have been gaining popularity in our urban landscape, as many Singaporeans have a keen interest in farming and gardening,” said Mr Lee, who is also the Minister for Social and Family Development.

The enhanced LUSH programme will encourage more people to take up urban farming and gardening near their offices and homes, while allowing developers to better utilise rooftop space, he added.

First introduced in 2009, the scheme has contributed to more than 130 hectares of greenery so far, or the equivalent of about 210 football fields.

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