Site of St. Clair Village to turn into Pittsburgh’s largest orchard


Sarah Baxendell, exec dir of Hi;;top Urban Farm. Photo by Bob Bauder.

200 orchard trees to be planted at former housing project

By Bob Bauder
Tribune Live
May 3, 2019


The site of a former housing project in one of Pittsburgh’s hilltop neighborhoods will turn into the city’s largest orchard this weekend.

Volunteers on Saturday will plant 200 fruit and nut trees at the Hilltop Urban Farm in Pittsburgh’s St. Clair neighborhood.

Executive Director Sarah Baxendell said the 23-acre project is the largest urban farm in the United States.

“We are an organization and a project that is designed to address food insecurity in the 11 hilltop neighborhoods in the southern end of the city of Pittsburgh,” she said. “When our farmer training program and farmer areas are fully developed, we will quadruple the amount of food grown in the city of Pittsburgh with one location.”

The 23-acre urban farm located on the site of the former St. Clair housing project is expected to quadruple food production in Pittsburgh when fully operational in coming years.

The orchard will eventually provide a revenue stream for the nonprofit farm organization, which intends to sell the harvest to wholesalers and at local farm markets, Baxendell said.

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