Thailand: Bangkok’s First Urban Farm Restaurant


Haoma is Bangkok’s first modern urban farm based fine dining restaurant. We grow what we cook, we cook what we love.

The kitchen is helmed by Chef DK, Executive chef, and owner assisted by Chef Tarun Bhatia, the current San Pelligrino Young Chef of Asia.

Chef Deepanker can be found here every day, working the soil, planting, weeding and harvesting the finest herbs and vegetables so that his guests can enjoy the freshest ingredients possible.

Chef Deepanker Khosla is both the engine and the pilot of Haoma’s passionate endeavor to become a pioneer in sustainable fine-dining. His cuisine is focused on locally sourced quintessential ingredients, with an emphasis on simplicity, purity, and seasonal flavors.

We have a firm anti-pesticide, no antibiotics policy and we use seasonal, home-grown ingredients supplemented by fresh produce sourced from farmers, breeders and fishermen in the vicinity of Bangkok.

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