There are no thumbs greener in Kansas City, Mo. than those of Ella Thomas


Ella Thomas has been planting seeds in Kansas City for more than 60 years, and if she has her way, that won’t end anytime soon.

By Kevin Holmes
Aug 31, 2018


In the 1990s, she brought her green thumb to Kansas City Community Gardens.

“Just about every day I’m out working in a garden some place.”

Thomas is a true ‘perennial powerhouse’ who’s helped start dozens, maybe even hundreds of gardens across Kansas City.

“I was instrumental in getting the garden started at 58th and Euclid at the Catholic Church, St. Theresa,” she said.

The gardens are oftentimes just a way for her to give fresh produce to the elderly.

“Most of my vegetables, I take them to church and pass them out to the seniors at my church.”

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