UA Magazine: “Urban Agroecology”


November 2017 – UA Magazine issue now online

RUAF Foundation
The Netherlands
Nov 2017

This issue has been a collaborative effort of the RUAF Foundation and the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR), Coventry University, UK. It aims to articulate and document the emerging field of urban agroecology. As you will see from the contributions in this Magazine, definitions differ and tend to reflect the various ways the term agroecology is understood in different countries, by different organisations, or according to different political economic preferences. As usual, the Magazine shares a diversity of perspectives from a wide number of geographical contexts. The Magazine is organised in 4 blocks: 1) Conceptualising urban agroecology; 2) Practices and city initiatives; 3) Urban policies supporting agroecology; 4) Citizen and social movement-led initiatives.

The Magazine is officially launched at the occasion of the 8th AESOP conference on Sustainable Food Planning, titled “Re-imagining sustainable food planning, building resourcefulness: food movements, insurgent planning and heterodox economics”, hosted at CAWR today and tomorrow in Coventry, UK.

See it here.

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