UEA: Novel residential community garden project launches in Dubai


Leading facilities management company Emrill has launched a pilot project under which concreted frontages and vacant sand areas within residential communities in Dubai are being turned into productive vegetable gardens and attractive green spaces.

Trade Arabia
Jan 21, 2019


As part of the project, which benefits from plants and landscaping advice from landscape company Love Gardens, frontages and areas previously covered by sand were removed and replaced with working gardens, said the statement from Emrill.

Organic fertiliser and irrigation systems were added and planted with a range of different vegetables, including radishes, eggplants, and chillies. Thanks to the overwhelming initial success of the project, many further additions are planned, including cabbages, tomatoes, beetroot, okra, watermelons and carrot plants, it added.

Emrill said its objective was to advance the ‘greening’ of Dubai by converting concreted and sandy areas into eye-catching green spaces with vegetable gardens, benefiting residents with fresh, organic produce supply.

A notable aspect of the project is its low carbon footprint, as no transportation of produce is required, while also meeting numerous sustainable objectives through the use of organic fertiliser. Irrigation is connected to the existing community system, so no additional infrastructure was required, meaning less environmental impact and negligible setup costs, he added.

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