UK: My First Time: Volunteering at a City Farm


Watching a baby lamb relax in the sun is a greater reality than worrying about never getting on the property ladder.

By Thomas Hobbs
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August 30, 2018


While I’m cleaning out the barn, two goats, Maple and Dandy, come over to check I’m doing it to their standards. I’m told they are inseparable and there’s certainly an intensity in the way they look at one another. A lamb also wanders over and climbs on my chest looking for cuddles. I’m not sure who’s more grateful, the lamb for being indulged or me for the Cortisol-busting effect of petting him.

While having a quick cuppa break, I meet Sinead, a middle-aged volunteer at the farm, which, having been established in 1977 by a group of architects squatting at St Oswald’s Place, is now a registered charity, providing a sense of community and purpose for people who have fallen on hard times. “All the animals have such big personalities. I love the baby lambs the most!” she excitedly tells me. “Honestly, this place has been like therapy for me. Before I was having panic attacks all the time and just dropping out of life. This farm and looking after these animals has got me back on the straight and narrow. It really was do or die for me; this farm changed my life.”

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