UK: ‘Rooted in Hull’ gave homeless man a new life


Tim, who works for Rooted in Hull, has been helping Jason continue his recovery (Image: Richard Addison)

Jason Marsden, 32, is set to move into a new home in Coltman Street, west Hull, after a community gardening project gave him an opportunity to rebuild his life.

By Alex Grove
Hull Life
Aug 11, 2018


Under the guidance of churchwarden Tim Wilson, Mr Marsden, who used to work as a labourer, has been able to focus his mind on gardening – something which has proved both relaxing and rewarding.

“I went to Rooted to volunteer because I’m on employment and support allowance (ESA) and it helps me concentrate on something and gives me something to do.

“It’s helping with my PTSD and social anxiety and it’s helping me come out of my shell. I’ve talked to them about all the personal stuff in my life and it has just guided me and helped me to start my life afresh.

“I’ve had to leave my past behind and they have my built life back up from scratch.”

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