UK: Why I love the Nomadic Community Gardens


A dis-used city space has been transformed

By Alexandra Sims
Time Out London
May 3, 2019


‘It’s quite easy to focus on the fact that it’s a garden, but it’s also a means to making a community. In London, there are lots of people living on top of each other and lots of transience, so it’s difficult for people to get to know their neighbours. Here people can get together in a place that celebrates arts and culture. We’ve got over 160 allotment beds here, but there’s also a gallery space, a theatre, lots of sculptures, a workshop and we’re also building a boxing gym.’

‘Working in a garden means you’re constantly reminded we have an ecological disaster looming, so we try to do as much as we can. We have our own bees, we have birds nesting in the gardens and we plant flowers that will attract insects like dragonflies. We’re also working out how we can make the gardens zero-waste.’

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