Urban Farm School in North Carolina


Temblia Covington with NC Cooperative Extension stopped by today to discuss Urban Farming and the schooling available for families.

They can grow crops in limited space to help feed their families and gain a supplemental income at the same time.

By Margaret Johnson
Nov 27, 2018


Margaret: Even though we are heading into the winter months, we are here, what programs does cooperative extension offer for those who look for to growing outdoors again?

Temblia: Thank you for having me. I’m here to talk about our urban farm school which was going to be in the spring. It is a program that is training for under employed and unemployed audiences so they may have economic development in their homes. They can grow food while they involve the community. It gives them good training on learning how to take it to the farmers market, supplemental income.

What Is Next?

What is next is we need, we would like for people interested in creating urban farms to sign up on the wait list. this is a 12 week program where students commit to taking classes twice weekly. the first day is a lesson plan and the second day is taking what we have learned in the classroom to urban farming. with that, students earn a certificate of completion. they get some word skills.

They Are Ready To Go, Building That Supplemental Income. We Want To Drive The Notion This Is Not Just Simply As Them Learning How To Grow Food. Taking That Food They Have Grown To Markets To Farmers Markets Come It To Build On That.

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