“We need agriculture back in our cities and in our minds”


A work made of chromogenic print, from the series “sweet earth: experimental utopias in america”. City Farm, Clybourn and Cleveland Avenues, Chicago, May 2005 Joel Sternfeld

Architects have an urgent mission, says Chris Precht, to bring food production back into the centre of our cities.

By Chris Precht
March 7, 2019


As a young architect, I am part of a generation that is not concerned with styles, forms or academic theories. I believe our mission is more urgent than that. The important tasks of our time – reversing climate change, increasing natural habitat, creating a healthy food system – are now part of the architectural profession. The solution to theses problems will involve a balance between technology and empathy.

We need ecological buildings that connect with our senses. Buildings made with haptic materials that you want to touch and look at. Buildings you can listen to, because they include homes for birds and bees. Buildings with the scent of vegetables and herbs. And buildings that you can partly eat, because they support food production.

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